With the launching of this website, I hope that all of my colleagues out there who have worked on these projects with me will let me know what they think: Do my descriptions capture adequately the spirit of the work? Did I leave out essential elements? What else do you want to know?



Hey Kathy,
I too am one of Jay's students now in the world of museums and always pleased to come across new ideas and creative websites about the sector. Makes the job of persuading museums to join the digital revolution easier when such clean and information rich sites appear.
I look forward to follwing your posts and hearing your thoughts as the site develops.
Mark in Scotland

Nice site!


At first blush, the site looks great! Did Ted build it? Are you're a non-profit now? [sic] When I'm out from under my current deadline, I look forward to digging deeper.




Hi Maria,

 Yes, Ted Koterwas of 3rd Rail Interactive built the site. Erin Wilson created and managed the information architecture, and I led the design effort, with Ted.

Great Site

Wonderful site Kathy. I was fortunate to meet you though Jay Rounds Museum Studies program in MO, and loved what you were doing then. It's great to see it up on the web and I was so happy to find out that you designed the Center for Creative Connections at the Dallas Art Museum. When I visited there a couple months ago it was by far my favorite section of the museum and my niece and nephew had a wonderful time there as well. Erin O'Malley Exhibit Designer UT-Arlington

Thanks Erin

I'm glad you like the site. And I'm thrilled you enjoyed the DMA's Center for Creative Connections. Jonathan Ingram, in Dallas, was the designer of the specific Materials and Meaning installation.   

Very impressive. I too was

Very impressive. I too was directed to the site by Nina Simon, and I look forward to getting to know more about your published work and your installations.

Jon Prown

Great site

...and next time I will remember to put in a Subject heading!


Excellent design and content. I've discovered it thanks to a tweeet from Nina Simon recommending it, and it's really worth.

A question/suggestion: beyond the blog, won't you include some Social Media connections for a) contacting you in other networks and b) facilitaitog viral dissemination through your readers distribution to their own networks??
For example I'll forward your URL into Delicious right now. If you'd provide links, it's easier :))

I'll invite you to explore our Museu Piicasso Online Community at
I wish you all the success and I'll be visiting this website often.
Conxa Rodà


Congratulations Kathy. Your website is beautifully designed with fabulous flair and details that made me say - oh, I wish other sites did that/had that. I particularly enjoy having so many of your talks in one place! I've already subscribed to your RSS feeds - looking forward to the posts. - Kirsten


Kathy, I think your site looks great and captures you and how you work. All the best- Gretchen