It's an unnerving process, creating a website of my work over the years. I had no idea how long it would take, and how other-worldly it would be. 
Old and fading slides transformed into digital eternities. Dust fragments and spots of mildew, worries of a bygone day. Doodles and sketches—those communication tools of one moment—imbued with an eerie afterlife. I scan the yellowing pages and realize that their color becomes an artistic statement, a badge of age, a marker of time. My work—so intertwined with the material world—is dematerializing with every upload.

Do I keep those old slide trays, with each plastic-framed transparency so carefully labeled and stored upright, each in its own slot? Originals in one row, duplicates in another. "This side towards screen." What about the black leather portfolio with mylar cover sheets, the artwork so carefully inserted?

It is all just residue of the work.  




for all the suggestions and comments. I hope you will see that we took you seriously, and incorporated your suggested changes.

Darcie Fohrman comments

df thoughts:
It's very rich, I love the depth of information, perfectly reflects your amazing career.
It's great that you mention my name! Thank you.
I love the clean design and friendly personal touch of your sketches.

The images that pop up on the HOME page are a nice touch, clever.
Of course because it's you, all is well written, nice balance in tone between professional and informal, friendly.
Look, feel and voice reflect your work style - form follows function!
Nice photo of you.
Didn't you work at the Baltimore Science Center?

In PROJECTS I think the images are too small. Tags are terrific, as is the organization of the info. - so much work to put this together!

WRITING section is confusing, I didn't take the time to sort out what the difference is between what's in the bibliography sheet and the rest. But I wondered. It would be good to be able to have a link back to Essays, Books, and Ex Case Studies and Reviews from each of those pages as a reminder of where you are without going back to Writing. It's nice wherever possible to read on line rather than having to download a PDF.

TALKS what about all your AAM talks!!! microphone is fun.
It's great that your including the BLOG. It would be nice to allow a link to the people who post a blog if they choose to let their identity be known.

Hope this is helpful
Congratulations. d

site test

I'm with Erin--I wouldn't go chucking your papers and film just yet...
Lovely site!

New lives . . . future lives?

As someone who didn't get to see most of these exhibitions--from Darkened Waters to Center for Creative Connections--I'm so glad you've transferred the slides from your files to digital images on the web. The exhibitions, their content and almost their physicality, seem to be alive here on the site. That said, as a librarian, I hope you're keeping the original slides & your black leather portfolio . . . we couldn't have imagined this new life that the exhibitions have found on your site---and we definitely can't imagine the kind of new life that they may have in the future.